Second Single: ‘In Your Brain Right Now’

Here is some new music from my other band: No Side Effects

No Side Effects

In response to the underwhelming demand for our debut single we’ve decided to clog up the ever expanding and overloaded internet with another mediocre piece of musicianship*. It seems we can’t give this music away, but we try. You can download it for FREE from the ‘Music Shop‘ or have a listen:

This time though, on a more serious note, we are very grateful for the kind permission from Sam Harris for the use of some audio from a lecture he gave for the Atheist Foundation of Australia in 2012 called ‘Death and the Present Moment’. The track uses samples from a sequence where Sam talks through how to attain an ‘in the moment’ mental state using mindfulness meditation. It is a fascinating introduction to meditation and really resonated with us. If you would like to listen to the full lecture then we include the YouTube video:

This single includes the…

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Satellites and drums

As usual, I have been fairly quiet on this page, mostly because I have been busy making music, which is probably a good thing.

This weekend I helped out Two Short Planks by providing some drums for his next album, which was good fun.

I also started putting together some you tube videos of some of the songs from EP1 and EP2 an also some songs yet to be released from EP3 and EP4. There are a couple of covers I am playing with too. This is all to see if I can pluck up the courage to do some live performances.

While I edit together the videos, I hope you enjoy this cover of Tasmin Archer’s Sleeping Satellite (from way back in 1994). Here it is:

If you don’t know the song, here is the original: