Grasslands is musician/composer Tom Haynes from Birmingham who now lives in Swindon, Wiltshire, UK. Tom writes, plays, sings and produces Grasslands from his home studio on the edge of the Cotswolds.

Grasslands music ranges from edgy complex guitar riffs to tender electronic ambience. The core of the Grasslands sound is a story told through each song from the ‘Time to Think EP’ onwards. Obscure lyrics are softly spun (and occasionally shouted) over instrumentation that link to the story at the heart of Grasslands, but these words are purposely vague to allow interpretation by the listener.

Grasslands is a labour of love to Tom. The songs for the Grasslands story began development in 2002 and were recorded in Aberystwyth, Plymouth and Newbury. Tom even learnt how to play the drums so he could record the awkward timing on Me and My Steam Robot. He was also escorted out of a supermarket in Scotland while taking the front cover photo for the ‘Time to Think EP’.

Grasslands produces a themed suite of DJ mix albums using samples from TV and film, along with some of Tom’s favorite songs. The first DJ mix focuses on evil robots. In addition, Tom is a member of the electronic outfit No Side Effects, based in Newbury, Berkshire.

Grasslands welcomes offers of collaboration and requests for remixes.

In his other life, Tom is a full-time Director of Ecology (wildlife surveyor and researcher) and Managing Director of the nature conservation consultancy Nature Bureau Ltd where he specialises in the protection of plants and real grasslands. He has spent the past few years surveying the Scottish Coast whilst also being involved in various other wildlife projects in the UK and across the EU.

Tom also writes novels and short stories and is a member of various writing groups.

Now please sit back and enjoy Grasslands.

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